Hi! I'm Aladdin, and this is, uhm... well, yeah. Here I am! I live in Agrabah and I'm a pretty cool guy, no matter what Razoul may say about me!

((Independant Aladdin RP Blog. I don't bite, and I hope you'll all RP with me and enjoy it as much as I will, because I know I'll enjoy RPing with you all!! Proud member of DCRP!!))

M!As: Always accepting!

Asks: Send away! I don't bite, so please send what you want to me!

Open starters: Feel free to respond. The starters are open for a reason!

Anything else you can think of: DO NOT HESITATE. I AM NOT JUDGEMENTAL, SO I WILL NOT JUDGE YOU FOR /ANY/ IDEA YOU MIGHT HAVE. Just send it to me and I will /calmly/ and /kindly/ tell you if I want to do it, or if I do not want to do it. I don't usually overreact to anything when it comes to RP.